Monday, November 9, 2009

30-minute collage!

My youngest asked me to make art with him this morning with these conditions: "You can't straighten anything, and you can't cut up magazines!" Truth be told, I love when my kids are involved in their own artful endeavors and I can just cut up magazines (pictures of that phenomenon/passion/compulsion coming soon) or hover and clean my never-clean art space. So I decided instead to make a little job list for my kids - something I've been meaning to do forever and something that they're more likely to reference, well, if it has a funny zebra on it!

Funny zebra, and just a hint at what they should already know: for instance, "windows" means the kids need to open their blinds...there's no window washing/child labor infringements happening here!

I only used the materials on our art table and I made a lot of mistakes. But as I work to make time for my creative wanderings everyday, this was a great thing to just criticism, no hyper-important details! But 30 minutes of collage time done. I used the one crayon on the table, the highlighters (don't like neon, but they were there) on the table, the too-thick black sharpie that was on the table.

Aaaaahhhhhh. Imperfection - what a great way to start this Monday! xo

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