Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting there!

This class that I won from Dina Wakely has been such a gift! I have to say, I have been in quite the creative rut for years now. I don't know when it started, but when I was first married and first a mom, I made horribly impractical decisions (financial mostly) to support my creative needs. Our first holiday cards (pre-internet-cardmaking-glory) cost small fortunes because I had to have them printed professionally (there were no quality color options otherwise), I would take over our dining room (meaning most of our first floor) for weeks without batting an eye, I scheduled precious weekend time around whatever it was I was making. I knew I had to create and I made it happen, even as we lived paycheck to paycheck.

Now we're not living paycheck to paycheck so much, I can spread my art out in an art room instead of the place where we eat everyday, and my diapering days are over - and I am as frugal and cautious as can be. I don't know where this is coming from for me, but to try something new that requires me to cash out of our family economy of time or money...I stagger first instead of going for it, like I used to.

Babble babble babble. Anyways, since my photos aren't of the highest quality, and my computer skills are lacking, I hesitate to put my artwork, my "products" etc. out there. I will though. The creative wheels of energy and confidence are spinning - I'll get there. And this little ditty of a class is helping me immensely. Here's some photos from the first two steps in this journal project - "The Graffiti of My Life". (Really the paint jar is just included because the color of the water makes me happy)! xo

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