Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fickle Thursday

So one my challenges during the holidays is trying to stay calm, focused, balanced. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy too fickle! One minute I can feel completely blanketed in the season, and the next I am completely frazzled and scattered. And by "frazzled and scattered," I mean bitchy and martyr-y. (I do love how the blogging community uses artistic wording to soften the maybe authentic truth from time to time, so that was my attempt to join in! hee hee!)
Case in point. Last night I got to take this wreath making class 40 minutes outside the city in this beautiful cabin, while it was snowing. Yes, snowing. My friend and I stood in front of a fire that was in a fireplace whose opening was taller than we were, and we made wreaths with all natural objects that were provided to us en masse. (Blog lesson: bring camera everywhere...the diversity of foliage was incredible.) It was a heavenly evening and one I will always remember. Then I came home, then I couldn't sleep (David's out of town) and then we all overslept this morning. Holiday cheer gone. Shame on me.
But now I'm feeling better. Taking a minute to blog, taking a minute to own the truth (that I'm imperfect...that I'm human), taking a minute to be thankful. Deep breath.

That's all it takes usually...just a minute of thankfulness.

Happy Fickle Thursday from me and Hunter, resident friend and guard dog! xo

P.S. I wasn't able to photograph the balls sticking out from my wreath in the way I wanted to. I don't even know what they are called, but I'm hoping they look somewhat Seussical to my kiddos when they get home this afternoon!

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