Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gnome Home - Part Deux

My gnome home knit up so easily and felted so beautifully, I could not believe it! And now I'm frozen a bit with "artist's block" - I don't want to cut into it and mess it up! Here is a close up of the roof. I still need to embellish it with embroidery flowers, etc. I used the "I Love This Wool!" yarn for the grass (purists, please skip this next sentence). The yarn has acrylic in it, but I love how it felted - to me it actually looks like grass because it didn't "fuzz up" all the way.
(Purists, please join us again here...) I am committed to finishing the house with 100 wool felt - I found a dealer (yes, I meant to use the word "dealer" because 100 percent wool felt is expensive and once you have a little, you just want more and more) and will be embarking on the journey to make that purchase Saturday morning.

Then my artist's block needs to take a hike. To my knowledge there is no gnome architectural review board who will criticize my work. And the recipient is five. He's going to love it no matter what! xo

P.S. My oldest son was hilarious last night, pretending he was French. Our dinner guests even asked if he was taking French lessons at school. Today's title is just a little tribute to his sense of humor!

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