Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To felt a bowl...

Here is my first (to be of many) knitted bowl. I threw a clementine in there for size reference. I love felting! First I felted my gnome home, (photos coming soon) and it was knit using Cascade 220 yarn. Then I felted this bowl - it was knit with Lambs Pride yarn. It felted fine, but when I make another one, I will switch to smaller needles for the top - I'm worried the top is a little too loose. I've felted it three times in my washer, so I think it's done. The gnome home is bigger, but I felt like it felted better and is more solid in construction.

Also, the sisters at duofiberworks recommend using a shaver to take the fuzzies off felted creations. I tried this with little (no) success. This bowl is pretty fuzzy (see photo 2), but scissors worked quite effectively in my opinion!

I have my holiday traditions swap due, and I'm collaging all week with my daughter's class, so more to come! Fun fun! xo

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Anonymous said...

I love this bowl! I recently felted a small sheep for my youngest ... I'd share but it looks more like a long white horse-dog. I'm such a novice, and feel so inspired reading your blog. Thank you!