Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little [ephemera] journal footnote

Since we're in overtime-production-mode over here, I thought I would explain about the kinds of ephemera found in my journals. Here are three journals waiting to be bound. Each is filled first with a "base" of art paper pages (this batch has Canson 98-pound mixed media paper). The art paper is important to me because I want journalers who write and/or draw/paint to be able to use my books.
I've opened one to show you what's included: graph paper, vintage sheet music, and an old recipe card. Lots of paper old and new, and each book has a different collection.
I spread some of the pages out a bit more, so you can see the playing card, the gold cardstock, the old writing tablet paper, a page from a vintage dictionary, an "original" Charlie Brown cartoon page, some ledger paper, a page from an old encyclopedia, a piece of vintage stationery and a small envelope.
I also often include a sheet of watercolor paper, colorful cardstock, vintage childrens' book pages, beautiful pictures/patterns from magazines, banana paper (recycled of course) and art paper samples from around the world.
So if you've wondered, now you know. I have quite a [ahem] large collection of vintage paper and I love mixing it up and sharing it. Of course, if you ever have any questions, please email me: corinne@goodnessrecycled.com. xo

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