Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rachel Akin: : Ceramics

Today we are visiting Rachel Akin. Rachel is one of three Artists in Residence at Craft Alliance in Grand Center.
Rachel knew in high school that she wanted to be a potter. She attended the Kansas City Art Institute, and then earned her MFA at Ohio University.
She creates here about 20 hours a week. She also has a home studio.
 Today she's making a bowl.
 Rachel uses a mirror to ensure her work is symmetrical.
Rachel's work is constantly evolving, but the one constant? "I want my work to be soothing," she shares. "With the fast nature of life, it's nice to have objects around you that bring you down a little bit and calm you."
Rachel tells me she is so thankful to be a working artist. "I did my share of waiting tables, but since I've finished my MFA, I have been able to focus on producing my own work and teaching."
This is Rachel's view, when she's sitting at her wheel.
 These pieces are waiting to be glazed.
Rachel teaches ceramics classes at Forest Park Community College and at the Craft Alliance. Her 1-year residency began in June, and in addition to loving the space, she loves working side-by-side with fellow artists.
 Works in progress...
 This is one of the classrooms at The Craft Alliance.
 Rachel waxes the bottom of each piece so that nothing sticks in the kiln.
Rachel is also very committed to creating collections with a wide range in pricing. She wants people to be able to afford her work.
Access to a kiln this size is a dream come true for many ceramic artists.
Recycled goodness? Rachel can reuse all of her porcelain, from the tiny slabs she slakes off her work, to a bowl that might break or crack. Her "slop" bucket is kept to the right of her wheel.
Rachel won the Local Artist Award at this year's Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair.

You can also find Rachel's work at:
Craft Alliance, The Loop
Craftland, Providence

Thank you Rachel!
And special thanks to the Craft Alliance!

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