Thursday, December 23, 2010

Katie Miller: : Jewelry

Today we are visiting the studio of Katie Miller, co-owner of Scarlett Garnet jewelry.
Katie's studio is in the basement of Maven, a wonderful boutique and candle store in Maplewood. Her partner Garnet Griebel has a studio in Kansas City.
Katie moved into this space earlier this year and she loves it. "I'm always here," she said. The studio is big enough for her to have a space for creating, for business and marketing, for teaching and for displaying her work.
Katie, a former biologist, met her partner Garnet through mutual friends when those same friends bought an online store front. Katie was selling her jewelry on her own in South Carolina and Garnet was in Missouri. They met online and worked together for over a year long-distance before they met.
Now they get together a couple of times each month when they are in production mode. Right now they're especially enjoying creating in stainless steel, copper, wood and brass.
They love to make one-of-a-kind pieces and incorporate non-traditional elements in their work: vintage beads, auto paint samples ("They are in the best colors," Katie said.), make-and-bake plastic.
 The earrings below are made with porcupine quills.
They've also started designing with bullet casings.
It's been an exciting year for Scarlett Garnet. Katie and Garnet are both now working full time to build their business. Their design spectrum has also grown. At one point, Katie and Garnet did all of their cutting and filing.
They still do, but now they have their wood and metal components water- and laser-cut.
Here is Katie's creative work space. The posters that surround her are posters from past shows. Katie and Garnet traveled this year to shows in New York, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati. And of course, their work is recognized and sought out throughout Kansas and Missouri.
Here is Katie's creative space looking toward her office space.
Katie invited me in the morning after a show, if you're wondering where the plastic bags come in. Isn't it fun to see all the components before they're put together?
Here's another design looking in toward the classroom area.
You can find Scarlett Garnet at indie boutiques around the country.
(Their blog is accessible here as well. And if you hit the "About Us" page, you can see a list of boutiques that carry their work.)

Thanks Katie!

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