Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My oldest book

I would like to introduce you to one of my treasures.
 It is from 1888.
A ledger that tracks two years of bills paid and received.
 The calligraphy (which was just someone's handwriting. Can't imagine.) is breathtaking.
  Every single page has this watermark. Can you see it?
Here is a close-up of the last page - 320. I truly think it was handstamped. Can you imagine being a book maker (or an apprentice perhaps) and stamping page numbers on a newly made book? I think it might be quite a meditative experience actually. I wonder.
This is the inside paper. I am a freak about inside book paper (clearly, I need to learn the vocab for book parts). Book liner? Anyways, this one was disappointing - a bit too thick and glossy. I'm wondering if it's newer than the rest of the book? Maybe it's 80 years old instead of 100+.
The binding. I can't even look at it without thinking of the person who made it. Swoon.

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