Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yet still another journal post!

I have just about wrapped up my custom orders. St. Louis friends, I'm taking Artist Trading Card Kit orders until Monday.

I am loving making journals so much! I knew that I would, I just didn't realize how extremely fun and very ever changing they would be. And (shhhhh....don't tell), I took one of my unsold journals today for personal use....and in addition to being pretty, they really are fun to use. They open easily, you can write in them without a table, the paper quality is dreamy.

 I've been impressed by the abundance of  blogging these days. I, on the other hand, have slowed down quite a bit. I promise this will be the last journal post of the year, and I also promise a journal tutorial in 2011.

Until then, I'll be posting some holiday goodness. Hope you'll pop in tomorrow for a great studio tour! xo

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