Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And then I knit cocoons...

In the interest of not being called the girl who cried etsy, I am not going to tell you what I have been up to and how work and gluey hands have kept me from blogging. I will tell you that when I need a break, I knit cocoons.
So I thought I'd do a little post on cocoons, originally designed and named Laurel Love Cocoons.
When organizing our Black Friday Holiday Sale, I tried and tried to find a fiber artist. Finally, a friend said, "Just knit up some of those cocoons you love and sell those."
So I knit up 10 and sold 16 within three hours or so - I couldn't believe it!
Knitting them is relaxing and easy. Not surprisingly, packaging them is the really fun part for me.
I wrap each with new ribbon and art paper (each cocoon is wrapped differently) paired with vintage sheet music and kraft paper (and a darling picture of my neice) fun!
I changed Melissa's pattern at the opening/collar and lengthened it - but just a wee bit. If you're interested, I'll share my version on ravelry soon.
They'll be for sale before the end of the month...really! xo!

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