Sunday, February 6, 2011

GYPO: : Week 1

Well, here is my first painting for GYPO11. Our inspiration was supposed to come from the Gees Bend Quilt series. I'm pretty sure no one will conjure up images of quilts when they look at my piece...hmmmm. 
As a total beginner, I learned a lot about some of the brushes. I still have such basic questions like how much to mix the paint with water, how the different brush tips work, how many layers should you paint? I enjoyed the week, but I have A LOT to learn - no denying it. 

At first I wanted to white wash over this, sand it down and collage on top, but at the end of the sessions, I'm guessing I'll paint over it completely and start again. Also, it seems like some of my classmates are painting smaller pieces but more of them - I'm going to try that this week, so I can experiment a bit more and still feel like I'm "completing" the assignment!

Fun first week! xo

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