Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arlene Ligori: : Mixed Media

Today we are visiting the studio of Arlene Ligori, mixed media artist. By day, Arlene is a graphic designer. In her own time, she is a fine artist with a very diverse art background.
Arlene's work has literally evolved - she has taken the best of each medium she has worked with and carried it forward into each line of her work.
She began casting bronze sculptures about six years ago and loved creating the female form. This lead to experimenting with casting in resin and plaster - materials with beautiful finishes, but lower price tags for buyers.
She loved the work but found her midwest audience to be a bit conservative, and she turned to digital art and medical illustration. In her personal time, she began painting abstracts.
And finally, her work evolved to what it is today. While her work may appear minimalist, up close you see that the birds and animals she creates are very complex and look almost like glass. Can you see the reflection in this painting?
Arlene loves to see people interact with her work. She participated in more than 20 shows last year and said it is very common for people to ask to touch the pieces in an effort to figure out her approach.

In the last year, Arlene began creating smaller pieces so that her work was affordable to a wider audience. These 6x6 inch paintings are very popular.
Arlene's studio is the second bedroom of her home, located in the uber-cool loft district in downtown St. Louis.
I can't tell you why there's plastic lining the floors and walls, but know that her paint method is definitely non-traditional, with many layers and many different materials. "Each piece is really an abstract painting that I then cover up," she said. She paints here and then finishes her work at her off-site studio at the Koken Art Factory
"It's taken me years to get here," Arlene said. "I'm very disciplined and I'm not a procrastinator." Arlene tells new artists they have to have passion for what they're doing, and a thick skin.
This work is ready for Arlene's next show. Currently she's working on several commissioned pieces.
Arlene is also very committed to the local art community. She's been a part of several group shows and installations in St. Louis. Arlene's next collaborative show, "Just Left of Spring" opens on February 19th in the Syndicate Loft Building downtown.
You can find Arlene's work at The Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri, and at Four Muddy Paws in St. Louis.
Thanks Arlene!

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