Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Dig {take 2}

Just like last year, we loved excavating our sweets from our garden this past weekend.
 It's just truly fun. I highly recommend that if you have a patch of land and no goals for it, just throw some sweet potatoes in there next Spring.
 Kyle actually unearthed the first one - we found a bunch of these little nothing shoots. I'm thinking there's probably a very gourmet word for them?
 It's like fishing - the bigger the better as far as the game of it all goes.
 Here's our black gold. The soil is so healthy, I'm thinking about putting it in my raised beds and putting new soil here so I can grow potatoes in the same space next year (for year three). Has anyone out there ever done this?
 They're not much to look at, but yum-yum.
You may have noticed my new gluten-free links in my blogroll to the right? I'm trying to eat gluten free and this is one of my kids' favorite sweet potato recipes. Hmmmm...I think we'll have it tomorrow! xo

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