Monday, November 21, 2011

Love to Alicia

Do you read Alicia Paulson's blog? Of course you do!* Alicia's was the first blog I ever followed - don't remember how I stumbled upon her site, but it was life changing for me. Three years ago when I turned 40, I went to Portland on a bit of a solo retreat and I didn't drive by her house. But I wanted to. And I googled her address. And I thought about it.

She and her husband had an adoption fall through this month. Thanksgiving week is always a time when I focus on mother love and how thankful I am for all of it in our life. Alicia embodies the quintessential community mother and her generous spirit and warm heart have brought many a person - in cyperspace and otherwise - comfort, perspective, laughter and kindness. Please send a little blessing/energy/karma Alicia's way this week. xo

*I copied this from Matsutake. I wasn't sure if I should acknowledge Alicia's story in blogland, but Katie did and it was lovely.

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