Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothering Day!

I once heard a beautiful lecture (homily) about how many countries in the world celebrate a "Mothering Day" to honor all women who mother. Right on! I'm so very thankful today (and everyday) to be a mom, but when I stop and reflect about it, I'm really just so thankful for all the mother love in my kids' lives...whether it's from their dad (oh yes indeed), extended family, our friends, their friends' moms, teachers, coaches, etc. So thankful.
Hope you have a wonderful day! xo

P.S. Do you read Teesha's blog? I love what she writes here about glowing orbs (or what I would call "spots"!)

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Karen M. Lynch said...

Ooooh! Just what I needed to see today! Those wonderful, beautiful, fantastic children of yours have made you into the mother I aspire to be. Blessings to you this day for mothers my friend@