Monday, May 24, 2010


I haven't posted in a long time about our house sale and how it's going. And the truth is, it's going slow...very very slow. In 95+ days, no one has looked at it twice. We've gotten plenty of great comments, but the market is so slow and we're just waiting. It only takes one buyer, but I don't know how much longer we'll keep our home on the market.

We have started "reclaiming" the house a bit. We put oodles in storage to make the house look cleaner and more sparse (especially the basement), but with viewings being so few, it seemed silly to pay for storage when three or four weeks might go by without a visitor. We say we want to simplify, and paying for storage is not simplifying at all. So we heaved a vanload of stuff to Goodwill, we're putting things we love back on the shelves, we're letting the kids clutter their rooms a bit more (not too much) and we're going to try it this way for a while.

We're in my favorite season for loving a house (any house...doesn't matter which one). The garden is coming in, the deck is such a fun place to sit and relax, summer is right around the if we stay we stay.

The photo above is a bird who has made her home in our grapevine. I have very mixed feelings about this (because of the inevitable bird poop extravaganza) but she will stay and she will be welcome. The second picture is just a "corner of our home" - the second floor patio, looking out to our carriage house. I hung out of this window Rapunzel-style to take a picture of the mourning dove.

Happy Monday! I have a tutorial coming later this week! xo

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