Friday, May 14, 2010

the desk

When I went out to our carriage house/garage to check out the desk we want to revamp for Kyle, I was surprised to find a raspberry plant growing right there alongside it.

It looks a little Jack-in-the-Beanstalk-ish doesn't it?
Kyle is just weeks away from finishing his year in his Waldorf kindergarten. The Waldorf philosophy is not traditionally academic in the kindergarten year, so we will be homeschooling him a bit this summer to acquaint him with some of the things his 1st grade friends might already know when he meets them this Fall.
I'm thinking sky blue for the metal part, and some mod-like fabric for the seat.

He knows he has a writing nook coming his way, but he has no idea what "writing nook" means. I have been completely inspired by The Write Start - I am just devouring Jennifer's blog. This desk, a bookshelf filled with goodness specifically for his work time and a candle (you'll see it soon) with a special friend to help us settle are all part of the package. My bigs are so excited to help too - it's going to be a very fun part of our summer!

And here's our raspberry garden trying to peek in on the action over here.
Wishing you wonderful weekends! xo

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