Monday, May 10, 2010


** works in progress that will never get done!**

I found this beautiful oldish book (copyright 1965) at a church rummage sale. It's an adapted Russian folktale with beautiful "the last shall be first" and "peace over violence" kinds of messages. And the artwork is amazing - doesn't it remind you of Tomie dePaola?
As our kylemamadays come to a close (and it's freezing, blustery, icky here), we decided to make boats out of oatmeal containers, modeled after the boats in the story. Great fun, except Kyle was done once his sail was painted with his big capital "K" and his life boat was ready for play.

So we stopped here...and I'm guessing this table will look like this tomorrow and the next day. And then said project will be in our recycling bin. Ah well. Still a lovely day!

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