Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's make a journal

Today is a "Kylemamaday." These are precious and numbered. He's home two days a week from now until May - then full day school for the next 12 years. As he so often likes to do, Kyle spelled out the morning mandates: "Let's each do whatever art we want, as long as it doesn't mean we're on the computer." (He's not allowed on the computer...message received Ky.) So I'm making a new journal, and following the very fun and very simple tutorial on Teesha Moore's youtube post. And Kyle is doing some drawing with a bamboo pen and some white ink - something we learned from the amazing Geninne.

Do you see his orange, triangular ruler behind him? He got that out after I took out my journal-making supplies (see first pic). Heart. Melt.
A lovely indoor thing to do on a freezing freezing Friday morning! Hope you enjoy your weekend! xo

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