Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fluff & Release

Just so I don't sound like a total lazybones, I do want to clarify that I am working really really hard to get our house ready to sell. It feeds me creatively to a degree, because there is staging, and purging (cleansing) and prioritizing. But alas, not a lot to show.

In life in general though, I am more and more aware of my fluffing - of those moments when I'm walking around straightening rather than creating. That's when it's not ok - when the time is there and the going for it isn't.

And when the fluffing turns into hoarding, well that's also tricky. I mean, if we're really honest, the words "mixed media artist" and "compulsive hoarder" really go almost perfectly hand-in-hand. (Not to be insensitive to people struggling with hoarding...not at all...)

But have you read Where Women Create? The amount of accumulation in those studios is glorious (to me and many many others) and horrifying (to my husband and many many others) So to be a mixed media artist trying to simplify, well, that's almost a contradiction in terms. But I digress.

What I need to work on is parting with art supplies that I cherish and then just. can't. use. I have collage materials that I just keep....forever. They're treasures really, but they're not being treasured if they're not used. And I know this, I do. But improvements need to be made.

Like the vintage Lotto cards (set of 12) and numbered pieces that I have. I bought them for a song at a tag sale, and then viola, they sit. Why? Because I don't want to use them up too quickly. Hello? What does that even mean? Journaling supplies that don't get used because then they'll be used.


THIS is the 2010 work that lies ahead of me. I'll keep you posted. xo

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