Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Claiming It

I've decided to post pictures of my dreamy, undeserved art space. Dreamy, because it is in fact dreamy, and undeserved, because I do not use it/honor it/celebrate it. Challenging thing to acknowledge when I yearned for a creative space like this for years and years and years. The truth is, I like to piddle or "fluff" if you will - I like to spend hours getting things ready, and then not actually dive into the project I was getting ready for. I know, I know...many call this procrastination. I haven't put my finger on what it is for me though.
What I do know is that I'm getting better everyday at recognizing what I need to do, and making the time to do it. Sometimes when I talk about this challenge, I sound like a huge martyr, but it's not martyrdom at all. I think it is a great big personal weakness to be able to verbalize what I want my life to look like, but to not do the work to make it happen. And I can very legitimately claim kids, family life, dirty house, unwalked dog, under-exercised batoot. I can. And if I did, we'd have a martyr issue going on here, but it's not those things. It's very resoundingly something else - maybe fear, although I don't think that's quite it either.
But this is my year. This is my year to not just be "all talk". This is my year to figure some things out - to simplify so that the discerning is a little bit more manageable, and a lot more fun. So please look at these photos of my art space (it's in the corner of our third floor which is also our family room). The last two pics are actually my closet of supplies. Take a good long look, because aside from this blog post, I'm hoping this scene will never been seen again (except of course when I'm up to my eyeballs in a project).

This is my year to let things go. And to grab on tight to what matters. I'll break down what that means over time, I will. xo

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