Thursday, January 7, 2010

I just like saying, "Hip Mountain Mama"!

I love love love the One Small Change project happening over at Hip Mountain Mama. Check it out! Between now and Earth Day in April, people world wide are committing to make one small change each month to encourage sustainability and green living. We already know what our warm-weather goals will be (stay tuned - participants are supposed to post at the beginning of each month), but coming up with a goal when it's freezing outside it a bit more of a challenge.

This is what our family is going to do. For the month of January, we are going to cut down on our big plastic trash bag use. We've made great strides in the "stop buying plastic/never use plastic shopping bags" department, but that big trashcan in our kitchen still constantly has a plastic bag in it. Tonight we will talk about how to accomplish this goal as a family, and throughout the month, I will do an internet search looking for some kind of re-usable, large trash bags. (Any suggestions? Am I missing a really obvious solution here?) I'll post what I discover.

That's our plan and we're sticking to it. Join us! And tell your friends!

One small change. xo

p.s. I stumbled upon the above while cleaning my to-be-deserved art room. This is a page from the April/May 2006 issue of Body + Soul magazine. The very first "thought" is "Living in tune with nature is an invitation to live creatively." Love that.


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for joining the challenge! I look forward to hearing how it all goes and what you discover with your research on replacing that garbage bag.
Good luck!

Katie said...

Good luck! I remember my grandparents keeping a brown paper bag (reused from the grocery store) under their sink for their garbage. Now that I'm older, I wonder how they did it! First of all, I know that they didn't waste/throw away any food. I also think that they put anything "gooey" into small plastic containers like reused yogurt cups. After thinking about this, it really makes me want to change how/what we throw away as well.

Great idea!