Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sherwood Linders: : Upcycled Metals

Today we are visiting the home studio space of Sherwood Linders, a self proclaimed tinkerer who transforms everyday cans from this:
Into this:
Luminaries! Just a few years ago, Sherwood bought a friend's welding tank and rig with the intention of "playing around" and learning the equipment. This is his workshop:
He started working with cans - they came in all sizes and were readily available. So he tinkered and experimented and eventually started making luminaries. 
Sherwood's equipment provided all the support he needed to make his luminaries except for the fine detail work, so eventually he purchased a jewelers torch.
Sherwood marks his cans using patterns he found at Zen Alcohol Stoves.
His designs are all done freehand.
This wire brush on Sherwood's drill press helps with cleaning and buffing the cans.
When Sherwood's ready to design his luminaries, he heads to his garage so there is plenty of ventilation.
He uses a very small space to make a lot of art!
Schools, friends and a local pizza parlor all pass along their various sized cans. Sherwood can make virtually any can into a luminary.
His luminaries cost between $10 and $35. Sherwood also designed a high-intensity light kit so you can get the 360-degree effect you see in the second photo above. They also work beautifully with candles.
To finish his luminaries, Sherwood paints them all with clear lacquer.
In 2009, Sherwood started selling his luminaries alongside his wife, photographer Jane Linders. Then, in October, he had his first solo booth at Art Outside and his luminaries sold out.   One more before and after:
To inquire about a luminary:
Thank you Sherwood!

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Lotus said...

What wonderful work! I love the recycled aspect. Just found your blog and I'm a follower now!