Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is the new January

Curly Girl said it first and I couldn't agree more! Hi! How are you? Are you still with me? THANK YOU for checking in! We had a great month over here - lots to share.

First though, I wanted to share my sale. I spent A LOT of January thinking about my business and my art. When you're new to this, what do you do with the stuff you make? My skills are not so honed that I can just stop when I have inventory and not practice/make more. But I also want my work out in the world. Is selling it for less to get it into homes and hands "selling out" by artists' standards? At this point - for me - I just don't think so. I will be asking artists this throughout the year (yes, I'm working on my studio tour thursday lineup). But in the meantime, I know that I want my books and my paintings out there. Out. There.

So from now until they're sold, all of my 2011 journals and paintings are 50 percent off in my etsy shop. They are in perfect condition.

I'm so happy (and thankful) to be back here! xo

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