Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At long last - my list for 2014

This post really is just a list of reminders for me, but I've decided that putting it "out there" is important this year...

Nothing like making your list for the year when it is almost February. But, all things considered, this is kind of how I work. Not a one of my roommates would be surprised that my "resolutions" were decided upon 22 days later than most. This isn't a list of resolutions really - it's more of a check list. And most of this list will be a delight to complete, so while it's going to be long, it's completely do-able. Ok, let's get to it:
Goodness Recycled

1. I will paint. A lot.
2. I will get my business functioning like a business - with quarterly goals, show goals, taxes paid on time, etc.
3. I will be in at least four local craft shows - I love them, they are filled with "my people" and I need to join in a bit more on a small scale.
4. I will blog again. I love it and it feeds me. No more cataloguing it as a decadence.
5. I will increase the range of products in my etsy shop.
6. I will research equipment that will help me - I will dread this goal but it is time for a high-quality paper cutter, binding machine and printer to enter this space. There will be research, reporting, saving and craigslisting/ebaying galore.
7. I will update (recreate) my website.
8. I will learn some essential computer skills, most urgently, how to upload a pdf to the internet for tutorials/selling.
9. My business space will be organized and determined - not somewhat a family space, somewhat a craft room and somewhat a business. This step may sound boring, but it's going to be exciting for some reasons I can't yet share.
10. I will explore finding an art space outside of my home. Thankfully, I think David has stopped reading my blog - otherwise, he would comment, "No you won't," and I would reply, "Yes I will!" and he would reply, "No you won't!" (Much in the style of the first 10 seconds here.)
11. I will go to one professional conference. [Read: art retreat.] The only guaranteed companion for this conference will be the ocean.

1. I will make at least one art doll.
2. I will learn to sew - pillows mostly.
3. I will start and continue art journaling - no excuses.
4. I will make one flip book.
5. I will make a journal for each of my kids.
6. I will learn to marble paper.
7. I will finish a needlepoint pillow for our back porch.
8. I will paint at least two paintings for our home - dining room, master bed.
9. I will knit David a hat that actually fits him.
10. I will knit something for myself. That I don't need.
11. I will make our winter holiday cards - they may be Halloween cards or New Years cards, but they will be handmade.

1. I will walk. Walking has saved my life at times (seriously - more than once - maybe I'll tell you about it some day). I need/want to get back to it.
2. I will swim. I LOVE to swim! And I HATE to be cold - so getting my tookus to the pool is the challenge, once I'm there all is well. Lisa Congdon is a full time artist and avid swimmer - I kind of want to be her. She is my inspiration on this one.
3. I will learn so much about Celiac Disease and gluten, people will walk away from me at parties. I will be such a fact-spouting-smarty-pants-know-it-all, and..
4. by December, I will have a FULL repertoire of recipes to feed my kids that are delicious and crowd pleasing. And we will have a system in our house whereby gluten free healthy and junk food is always easy to find and within reach in a meaningful way (think homemade single serving lasagna in the freezer) - to say we have three growing kids is a ridiculous understatement.
5. I will garden with passion (see next section).

1. I will garden as if I am going to live in this house for the next 50 years.
2. I will research getting electricity out to our carriage house (details on why this is gardening later).
3. I will complete our side-yard garden - this will include fencing, a rain barrel, perhaps bees and maybe a turtle habitat.
4. We will start an asparagus garden.
5. We will find a way to save cilantro all winter (Similar to saving basil? I wonder.)
6. We will plant garlic again and for the duration.
7. We will explore planting a peach tree again and make a meaningful decision about it.
8. I will read at least two books on permaculture.
9. There will be a tipi.

It's going to be a great year! xo

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