Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pattern Play

After the holiday [selling] season, I treated myself to two creative gifts: the online class Sewn by Mary Ellen Moss (her blog is so very dreamy); and a "membership" to Teesha Moore's (Teesha is the goddess of art journaling if you haven't heard of her) Artstronaut's Club. In two weeks, I have already learned more than I expected from both gifts.
I'm taking my jolly sweet time with Sewn, because, well, because I don't actually know how to sew (yet!) so this first "assignment" of noticing and mindlessly creating patterns is keeping me busy for now. Patterns are everywhere of course, but my senses are definitely heightened. I'm also playing with the beautiful glass pen that my cousin brought me from Germany (hence the random text below). 
 And I'm seeing amazing patterns everywhere. On my book covers that are waiting to be collaged...
Here.... and here (this one I'm actually going to try to just copy outright for the fun of it)...
I think I always assumed that patterns were complicated and over-my-head. But the more I observe them, the more I realize that the patterns I gravitate toward the most are so very simple. My third gift to myself this year is Wednesdays. I am hoping to schedule some "creative time just for the sake of creative time" every. single. week. Fingers crossed. xo

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