Friday, January 31, 2014

Grey, grey, grey, but still Friday!

I'm painting - just a little, but it's still so fun. Hard to know where a painting hobby can go when it's challenging just to paint a circle, but I'm enjoying color mixing and learning the difference between hot press and cold press paper.
Here is a little hint to whose studio we'll be visiting next week. Her work is just so happy happy happy to me!
I found these Trixie Belden books this week and will make them into journals. I'm never sure these books will sell (too specific a target audience perhaps?) but when people talk about favorite books out of print, Trixie Beldon comes up often - more so than Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, which surprises me. Does it surprise you?
If you're looking for a hand-made swap for February, Amanda is hosting one and taking sign-ups right now.

Happy Weekend! Happy Super Bowl! xo

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