Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to make a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt - part 2 of 2

Put a barrier of some kind between your shirt and your paint surface. I like to stretch the shirt over the ironing board and put a piece of cardboard/stock underneath. Some people iron a scrap piece of freezer paper on the back side of the shirt.

Paint your stencil by dabbing the paint from above - no brushing.
Wait 30 minutes and paint a second coat if desired.
When paint is completely dry, remove stencil slowly. Peel it off as you would a sticker, only this time, you can rip the paper around the stencil. Many recommend waiting overnight before removing the stencil, but this is often too long for small kids - just make sure the paint is dry.
Sometimes the smaller bits can be tricky - use an xacto knife to help peel them off. See that leftover white to the left of the "M" in the photo below? Use your xacto knife here too!
Viola! You're a demigod!
We try to wait many days before washing these freezer paper creations. When you do wash, turn your garment inside out. I love these paints - we use the soft, matte line. For stenciling projects, these adhere, wash and wear like a dream. (And they may be the cheapest fabric paints out there!)

Thanks to my kids for being my hand and tshirt models! Enjoy! xo

It goes without saying that this stencil was made very humbly by one mom for some lovely kids, to encourage their love of reading. It is not "official" Percy Jackson merchandise, nor is it intended to be used for any kind of profit making. Please use this stencil freely in the spirit it was created. Thank you!


sUsAn said...

This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! My daughters have read all the books, and I am on book 3! Hope to make some shirts!

Autumn said...

I found this through Whip Up and just love the idea!!! I made Halloween shirts for my kids the other year and we stamped their names or spooky words in grungy alphabet stamps with white paint on black shirts then stamped their palms and four fingers twice in opposite directions to make spiders and put their thumbs above the palm body to make the spider's eyes. They just loved this project! This year we can take that a step further with a more "sophisticated" design. Thanks so much for the idea.
~ Autumn Clark

Anonymous said...

Just finished the first coat of paint on my dear daughter's Annabeth t-shirt for Halloween this year. We're actually making a t-shirt AND a sweatshirt, since it's usually cold here on October 31. We made an owl for the center medallion of her shirts. She's sitting around watching paint dry now. Thanks so much for posting this last year. I have a feeling we're going to get lots of good comments on our versions.

wygit said...

Just saw your article and loved it.
But... when I went to download the stencil, I got a page saying "MobileMe is Closed!"

Oh Noes!