Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend bday? You get nothin' -

I've read several blogs today that were just so happy to proclaim that February was over. I didn't get it, and then thought, "Maybe February is so easy for us because we have two birthdays..." [Pause] Two. To the four readers of my blog, you can do the math, only one birthday was recognized last month (here in blogland that is)!
Our dear Ky turned six. Glorious six. Two hands to have enough fingers to show you, six. Awesome.
We love you Kyle. You know it, we know you do. We will love you everyday forever, but good luck navigating the whole third child thing. Trust me, I hear it comes out well for you in the older years...when you're asking for the car, and thinking your curfew should be later. We'll see. xo

First photo taken by Peggy Gagner, Fairfield, Connecticut!

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