Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Copycatting at its best!

I love love love this circular paper building idea!!!!! So I set to work making a set for my kids.

First I found three circle shapes to be my templates (including a round tin I thrifted to hold them all).
Next I pulled out all kinds of paper (love to do that) of the magazine, art and scrapbook variety. I also printed some face shots of my kids.
Then I started tracing and cutting out circles.

After I put them together, I took them to Kinkos and color copied them onto thick cardstock at 78 percent of the original size. Then I glued kraft cardstock to the back and pressed them in a big book. Finally, I used a Creative Memories cutter to make sure my circles were all exactly the same size.
One thing I should have done better is marked the slits before I cut them so that they lined up perfectly with each other. We artist types always think we can eyeball it, but alas...

I love them. My kids are going to flip!

If you like the idea but are short on time, Joel posted a template over on his site that you can download! xo

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