Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to make a Camp Half Blood tshirt - part 1 of 2

There are plenty of wonderful freezer-paper stencil tutorials out there. But, in case you're just hearing about them, here's my version:

You will need:
freezer paper * iron & ironing board * stencil template * piece of cardboard * tracing pencil or pen * fabric paint * xacto knife & cutting board * sponge brush - small to medium * orange t-shirt

First, download and print the stencil from the sidebar. Trace the stencil onto freezer paper and choose a symbol (for the gods in the Percy Jackson series). My friend helping me today decided to design his own symbol for Hades - a helmet of darkness - rather than use our drawing of Charon. Fantastic!
Use your xacto knife and cutting board to cut the letters and crest shape out of the stencil. It's important to do this step as precisely as you can. In general though, remember...this shirt is most likely for a child who will just love having it...don't stress about perfection.
For smaller details like the insides of the letters (A, D, O etc.) and the symbols for the gods, feel free to use scissors instead.
Set iron on cotton setting with no steam. Iron the stencil to the shirt.
Next iron the small pieces that go in the letters. Touch the small pieces with the point of your iron to adhere them to your shirt - then you can iron them completely. Finally, center your symbol and iron that into the crest.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the tutorial I made a shirt for my brother when his school had literary week. He loved the shirt and no one would believe that I had made it. Thanks again.

corinnegroark[at]gmail[dot]com said...

I'm so glad! Thanks for letting me know! xo

L said...

Thanks for your tutorial. We made camp half blood and camp jupiter t-shirts for my boys to be Percy Jackson and Jason Grace for halloween. They turned out great!

L said...

If you want to see how they turned out, here is a link
Thanks again for the great tutorial.