Wednesday, February 24, 2010

check, check and check

One of the pluses of selling a house is that you have to get your stuff in order. And yes, we put plenty in storage, but for the most part, my art space has been completely sorted, shuffled and renewed!
The only thing I have left to sort is my flat files. Man I wish they were painted a cheery color. And look at that box on the that shouldn't be there!
My closet is dark, but it's organized. I donated a bunch of supplies to my kids' school sale to benefit Haiti. I'll have another giveaway here on this blog soon.
The space is renewed. The kids love it up here, and so do I! xo

ps - Did you notice the photograph in the first photo? That's my great grandma milking a cow in heels. One of my treasures!


Katie said...

oooh, cozy and so organized! Looks like lots of good stuff will get made here. Thanks for linking to our blog- I look forward to reading yours!

molly said...

Oh, my, you are an inspiration!! (Though milking cows in heels might one-up even an organized craft life, holy moly!) Way to go!