Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All's tied on Tuesday!

We put it off as best we could. Our two oldest have been begging to read the last Harry Potter book. We just wanted to put it off as long as possible...we were in our 30s when we read the series and we loved it then...why do they have to read it now? But they were convincing and we succumbed.

But who would get the book? We only had one copy until today (when they can get it from the library). We offered a challenge - come up with a rap, song or poem and convince us that you deserve to get the book first.

Who would you vote for?

Contestant 1 came in costume, with a British accent:
Hello everybody, I'm Harry Potter
and I'm here to advocate for your favorite daughter
She's mature enough to read book seven
after all, she is 11
You should realize that she listens better
she deserves to read it first, so you should let her
An event coming up is her read-a-thon
her eyes need a book to feast upon
Percy Jackson's getting old
but Harry Potter's still good as gold
I hope you realize my point by now
So choose Faith! Ciao!

Contestant 2 [would like to add he has a "British" word as his final word!]

There once was a boy name Joe
books were his friends, not foe
He really loved books, he had lots of good looks
And he really loved to cook
Now Joey loved a certain text
and he had only one book next
The problem was his sis wanted it too
and that would not work, it would not do
His sister was already reading it's true
And quitting a book just will not do
As you can see
the book should go to me
My speech is done
this was made for thee...

It was too close to call. So on to round 2: Write out each letter of the alphabet and write a word that has to do with the Harry Potter series after each letter...you have 10 minutes.

Joey - who has spent possibly countless hours memorizing spells - was the victor, by a cool 4 points. xo!

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