Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrate the [older] Boy, yeah...

So while the Percy Jackson phenomenon is certainly not boys-only, my oldest boy and all his friends (not exaggerating) are obsessed. A group of them waited in line for hours last summer to meet Rick Riordan at a neighborhood library...they didn't get in the line was so long.
So my contribution to "Celebrate the Boy" is this free pattern for a freezer paper stencil from the infamous Camp Half-Blood. Alas, the movie does not include the present-in-all-the-books orange t-shirts, but these have still been a hit in my house. And also alas, I haven't figured out how to post this pdf online...but I will in the next day or two. Promise.

Joey drew the symbols for the various gods - He's wearing his symbol for Hades. The stencil will also have symbols for Poseidon (shown), Zeus, Apollo and Athena (yes, 1 girl symbol).

And I'm ending with a few pics of Joey being silly, I mean, himself...because that's what we're celebrating, right? xo

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