Thursday, February 18, 2010

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A friend who also has her house on the market said to never make smelly or time-consuming meals, especially Thursdays through Sundays when there are more viewers. That was Tuesday. Today is Thursday and look what we had for dinner...onion soup from here! I had to carmelize the onions for 45 minutes - there was no quick escape had we gotten a call. (We didn't.)

My kids loved this recipe. I thought it was fine. Not nearly as tasty as the quick and easy recipe from here (will have to post that another day). I did use vegetarian stock, so that may have been part of the reason.

My Celebrate the Boy post is overdue, but coming soon! xo


Anonymous said...

mmmm, I love onion soup! My favorite recipe for it is in A Taste of Heaven and Earth

Rose said...

Mmmm....the soup looks delicious! Is that a knitted bowl in your first photo?

corinne said...

Amy - thanks for the cookbook reference. I'm going to check it out!

Rose - It's actually a hat-gone-wrong-and-then-wouldn't-shrink-when-I-felted-it thing. I'd love to call it a knitted bowl, but truthfully, if it didn't have the big pyrex bowl to support it, it would be all flop. I'm going to use it there for a while, felt it one more time and cut flower shapes out of it - they're still hand-knit, right?

Thanks for the comments! xo