Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple. Fun. 2.

My collage life is chaotic. My supplies are chaotic, my workspace is chaotic, my visions for artwork are often very very chaotic. Collage, however, does not need to be chaotic. Here's another sample from the past - fewer than 10 pieces of paper, a little tracing and a line-drawing for the door on the barn. Aside from my poor photography skills (I'm working on it! And I WILL learn to use a scanner sometime soon too...I think that may help), this card is bright, wholesome, happy...hope you can see that a bit.


On another topic, thank you to Meg for a lovely giveaway prize! More on that soon!

And back to the first topic, if you're wondering whose wedding this card saved the date for, visit this yummy site! xo

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