Monday, February 15, 2010

Racism is gross

My dear friend, who owns a to-be-famous-someday bakery and vegetarian cafe here in St. Louis called me today to tell me that her husband was called the "n" word on his way into an art gallery where he had a showing (he's already pretty famous). Over the Mardi Gras weekend, three young caucasian men got out of their car and started yelling slurs at him.

I was just this very day basking in Presidents Day, and thinking so thankfully how so many millions (billions?) of people are celebrating today in a way they never thankful for our president and all he represents.

I committed months ago when I started this blog to talk about art and the glorious side of family life - not the challenging side (there so is one!) or the complicated issues of politics, religion, etc., so that's all I'll say.

May we all walk a little more gently in this world. And may hatred be silenced by the harmony of peace... xo

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