Monday, April 11, 2011

And I will not be posting everyday in April...

My post title today is a reference to the Junie B. Jones book series. Junie B is a little girl (who is very present in our first grade reading btw) who constantly says one thing and then later in the book, has to take it back. For example, she will say, "And I am allowed to use a spatula from the kitchen because I am old enough," and then after using said spatula to smoosh bugs she will retort, "And I am not allowed to use a spatula because I am not old enough..."

Anywho, I said I was going to post every weekday in April and mapping that out has been quite fun. Implementing it however has been time consuming. Too time consuming. After I posted my little "6 month review," I thought that it was a bit too vague, but I really have referred back to it several times in this last week. I took a computer class (and scheduled my next). I've started cleaning my art room pre-emptively to keep it more of a professional space. The review was good for me. But I was right when I said that I spend too much time with blogging. It's so fun, it just is! But I have a show in three weeks, a class to plan for and a classroom to furnish and organize. 

So I won't be posting every week day. But I will still be posting! Lots to do - so happy and thankful to be doing it! Happy Monday! xo

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