Friday, April 8, 2011

Today in the art room

TGIF!!! I had a very productive day today. Love it when that happens. I figured out how to make some needle felting more "summer-y" for my headbands.
I assembled artist trading card kits. Getting ready takes some time, but then it's almost rhythmic to assemble the kits. For this I am thankful - last year when I was figuring out how to put these together, finding the packaging, etc. I was worried that assembling would take forever.
And I went to a computer class today to learn how to revamp my website! Hooray! I'm not redesigning it or anything, but once I add my class list (for classes to be taught here in my home), that home page gets too cluttered, so there's some reworking that needs to happen. I am so excited about this!
Finally, since this post is all about Goodness Recycled, I am in a home show the last weekend in April. The host is the uber-talented Carla and I'll post details here soon. To those of you in the area, I hope you'll pop in!

Happy Weekend! xo

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