Monday, April 4, 2011

And now for a...

Today my business is 6 months old, so I thought I'd share a few notes about where I am with it all!

1. Overall, I am delighted! While I could definitely be busier, I have learned a ton!

2. I have been very very humbled by it all. I have read obsessively about having a small, creative business, an etsy shop, the art fair circuit. Obsessively. For years. I could hold my own in a conversation about these things to the point that someone would say, "And where is your business?" and I would say, "Um...I don't have one...I just really want to have one." So I read and read and read about mistakes people have generously shared and was SURE I would avoid at least most of them because of all my preparation. Um. Nope.

2a. So the common blunders - time management challenges, learning to talk "money" with friends, pricing my products well. I've messed up in each of these, especially time management, but I've come out the wiser. Looking forward to my next six months of mistakes!

3. I'm thinking a lot about what I really really want to do and how that manifests in my sales. The things I want to make aren't the things that sell first. But I can't stop offering them because I do believe it's just a matter of time before I have a solid client base. My "top sellers" (read cocoons) are selling always, but I do not want to be a professional fiber artist, I want to be a professional paper artist.

3a. One of the things I really really want to do is more art parties for women. I've gotten wonderful, positive feedback on the parties I've done so far, but I want to do more of them - weekly even. Must. hone. marketing. skills.

4. I love blogging! So much so that sometimes I put it first where it should not be. 

4a. As of today, I will no longer post works in progress on my blog. I do this too often and then never finish the wips...don't like this.

5. I've stopped working on my computer skills which I think it a big mistake. Must put this back into my scheduling.

6. My best news in all of this is that I'm really loving this entire process. What a gift to have this year to give this a try. My holiday show was a big success (not just for me but for all of the artists) and I'm in another home show at the end of this month. I'm really looking forward to that and the lessons it (and the next six months) will bring. 

Two quick things! I am going to try to blog every weekday in April. Yes, I did read my own #4, but I think it will be ok. Also, today is the last day you can sign your kids up for the international ATC Swap. Register here, and leave a comment at this link to win one of my ATC kits (you don't have to be in the swap to enter)! 


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