Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Tidbits...

1. Happy April Fools Day! This is my favorite April Fools post ever - especially perfect for those of you with wee ones.

2. Have you seen this? Wow. This seems like such a great project for a teenager who needs to fill some time and needs to feel competent, capable, creative. Matsutake is hilarious and talented - read her blog!

3. I'm loving everything about Molly's idea to combine blogging and bartering. Do you blarter?  (See my sidebar for the link).

4. I am hoping to post every weekday in April...including re-energizing my Studio Tour Thursday feature. Hope you'll check in - I have some amazing artists lined up!

5. Remember, the deadline for Ellie and Abbie's ATC Swap for Kids is this Monday, April 4th. Today you can pop over there for their ATC party!

6. I started teaching an 8-week collage class at a local elementary school this week. It is going to be so so fun! Top picture is just from setting up - clearly I take way too many pictures of scissors and glue in baby food jars. (I find them irresistible.)

7. xo!

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