Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to make a jewelry organizer

part 1 of 2 - here's part 2!
Finally, some goodness recycled! ;)

I am not a person who has a lot of jewelry, but what I do have, I love. And for months, I've been thinking that I need a way to see my jewelry, so I take the time to put it on during our busy busy mornings.

For this project, I used two thrifted frames, paint, fabric, glue, cardboard (cork would work too) and extra wood pieces that I had around my art room. I bought the wood pieces years ago to "cheat" a bit on this super fun tutorial.
First, I disassembled my frames and painted them in fun colors (totally optional). I also painted the wooden "feet" to match. (See that flower print? It is so old and it was under the pic of the little girl - love when that happens!)
Next, use the glass or cardboard backing to cut your fabric. It doesn't have to be perfect.
And then use the same glass or cardboard as a template for whatever you'll rest your jewelry on. I re-used the board in one of the frames and cut up this rootbeer case for the other. You also could repurpose your glass, but if you wanted to pin your jewelry in place, you need something that will hold a pin). Cork would work great too.

How to make a jewelry organizer con't.

Part 2 of 2 - here's part 1!

Adhere fabric to backing (I just used packing tape) and reassemble frames.
Glue "feet" to the bottom of the frames - I used a glue gun.
Viola! Done!
And of course, you absolutely could use these to display your jewelry - on a dresser, in a bathroom, but mine are going to be in my drawer!
In hindsight:

1. I should have primed the frames (duh!)
2. I should have put a piece of white paper or plain fabric behind the patterned fabric (some of the print on the cardboard showed through).
3. I don't feel like I need to use pins, but sewing pins could easily be cut short and used to anchor your jewelry for when drawers are opened and closed!

So I spent $1.81 and $1.21 on the frames - everything else was on hand. Total cost of project: $3.02. xo

Monday, May 24, 2010


I haven't posted in a long time about our house sale and how it's going. And the truth is, it's going slow...very very slow. In 95+ days, no one has looked at it twice. We've gotten plenty of great comments, but the market is so slow and we're just waiting. It only takes one buyer, but I don't know how much longer we'll keep our home on the market.

We have started "reclaiming" the house a bit. We put oodles in storage to make the house look cleaner and more sparse (especially the basement), but with viewings being so few, it seemed silly to pay for storage when three or four weeks might go by without a visitor. We say we want to simplify, and paying for storage is not simplifying at all. So we heaved a vanload of stuff to Goodwill, we're putting things we love back on the shelves, we're letting the kids clutter their rooms a bit more (not too much) and we're going to try it this way for a while.

We're in my favorite season for loving a house (any house...doesn't matter which one). The garden is coming in, the deck is such a fun place to sit and relax, summer is right around the if we stay we stay.

The photo above is a bird who has made her home in our grapevine. I have very mixed feelings about this (because of the inevitable bird poop extravaganza) but she will stay and she will be welcome. The second picture is just a "corner of our home" - the second floor patio, looking out to our carriage house. I hung out of this window Rapunzel-style to take a picture of the mourning dove.

Happy Monday! I have a tutorial coming later this week! xo

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The women gather

I spent a lovely day in Illinois yesterday with family getting "save the dates" ready for my cousin's wedding. She wanted cheeky (sassy), memorable and affordable (postcards and postcard postage...check!) and I think we met all the goals! This pic shows her sisters taking pictures of the "series" - six different photo cards with really funny expressions. (The inspiration was this artist.)

Looking forward to a crafty, gardening week, this last week before summer begins! xo

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is my new niece. Apparently, Hawaii in May is not too hot for a love cocoon!!
Isn't she darling? I can't wait to meet her.
She's precious enough all by herself, but her parents are professional photographers (in case you were wondering). The Laurel Love Cocoon pattern is right here.


corn (yes corn!)
mushrooms (gnome variety - under our lavender)
animal friends!
We weeded the raspberry garden today - St. Louis has had days and days of rain. So too muddy to go back there with a camera. Too overcast to take good pictures. Too clammy to make yourself be outside anyways....but things are growing (kids included) and that is very very good. xo

Friday, May 14, 2010

the desk

When I went out to our carriage house/garage to check out the desk we want to revamp for Kyle, I was surprised to find a raspberry plant growing right there alongside it.

It looks a little Jack-in-the-Beanstalk-ish doesn't it?
Kyle is just weeks away from finishing his year in his Waldorf kindergarten. The Waldorf philosophy is not traditionally academic in the kindergarten year, so we will be homeschooling him a bit this summer to acquaint him with some of the things his 1st grade friends might already know when he meets them this Fall.
I'm thinking sky blue for the metal part, and some mod-like fabric for the seat.

He knows he has a writing nook coming his way, but he has no idea what "writing nook" means. I have been completely inspired by The Write Start - I am just devouring Jennifer's blog. This desk, a bookshelf filled with goodness specifically for his work time and a candle (you'll see it soon) with a special friend to help us settle are all part of the package. My bigs are so excited to help too - it's going to be a very fun part of our summer!

And here's our raspberry garden trying to peek in on the action over here.
Wishing you wonderful weekends! xo


Here's Ky with his boat! He advocated to keep his project alive for another week - we'll see if we finish it! xo

Monday, May 10, 2010


** works in progress that will never get done!**

I found this beautiful oldish book (copyright 1965) at a church rummage sale. It's an adapted Russian folktale with beautiful "the last shall be first" and "peace over violence" kinds of messages. And the artwork is amazing - doesn't it remind you of Tomie dePaola?
As our kylemamadays come to a close (and it's freezing, blustery, icky here), we decided to make boats out of oatmeal containers, modeled after the boats in the story. Great fun, except Kyle was done once his sail was painted with his big capital "K" and his life boat was ready for play.

So we stopped here...and I'm guessing this table will look like this tomorrow and the next day. And then said project will be in our recycling bin. Ah well. Still a lovely day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothering Day!

I once heard a beautiful lecture (homily) about how many countries in the world celebrate a "Mothering Day" to honor all women who mother. Right on! I'm so very thankful today (and everyday) to be a mom, but when I stop and reflect about it, I'm really just so thankful for all the mother love in my kids' lives...whether it's from their dad (oh yes indeed), extended family, our friends, their friends' moms, teachers, coaches, etc. So thankful.
Hope you have a wonderful day! xo

P.S. Do you read Teesha's blog? I love what she writes here about glowing orbs (or what I would call "spots"!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Farmers Market-ing

Our very favorite farmers market opened today! Above is my daughter, modeling the spiderwomanknits pillowcase totes (tutorial is here) that we made this week - love them! If you live in St. Louis, consider making this market a weekly ritual. I'll share more in the weeks ahead, but the produce, farm fresh eggs, ethically-raised meats, handmade pastas, and treats, live music and handmade goods abound. Definitely the best earth-friendly farmers market in St. Louis!
Oh, did I mention the jumprope making "machine"? Brilliant and so much fun!

And do you see the hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn in that first photo? That is for a very soft hat for my very soft niece who was born last night in Hawaii...more on her soon too! xo