Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[GARO11] May 11

Welcome to the Great Art Room Overhaul of 2011!

Day kabillion (feels that way)
My progress right now is really not so much about "before"s and "after"s because right now I'm trying to re-arrange, re-arrange, re-arrange and to finally put in the basement what belongs in the basement (Christmas decorations, paper shredder, family tax forms, too-big lamps). Well, not everything goes in the basement, but the point is, it doesn't belong up here. 

This 3rd floor has been a dumping place for all things un-assigned since we moved in, so just making sense of that and claiming the space for what it should be...well, that's what's filling my days over here. Things have definitely been re-arranged. We now have a little sitting area by the window as I'd hoped. Shelves for students have been put in the classroom "area" and my personal work space has actually been made smaller - smarter, but smaller. We're using what we have right now, and prioritizing what we need as we move forward. My personal work space will be last because, even though it's in the same room, it's going to be relatively private/off limits. So it doesn't have to "match" the rest of the space.

My inspiration board is coming down - it's just too big. I love it, but as of yet, it has not been reassigned. I'm guessing that once the space is functional, a new inspiration space will present itself. Things are good - if you've read this far, know that things are very good!
One of the bonuses of all this clearing I'm doing is unearthing favorite family things, like this photo of my kids. They were sharing a lemonade at the Statue of Liberty...gosh, at least 5 years ago. Sigh...
Thanks for checking in! xo

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