Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothering Day!

Happy Mothers Day! We've had a lovely day working in the yard, planting flowers, harvesting some of our early crops (miracle!) and chill-axing. These flowers were gathered this morning from our garden (another miracle!) and I'm showing them to you with my most awesome Mothers Day gift - a screen door off of our kitchen. It is glorious! (What color do you think I should paint it?)

I say this every year, but today is a day for me to really give thanks for all of the mother love in my life. I always try to do yardwork today so I can just focus on the earth and offer up thanks for all the amazing people in my life who mother our family. And then my thoughts go to friends who are having their first Mothers Days without their moms. And then I think about all the women in the world who are aching to be mothers.

It's a great day to remember the importance of mothering, and to acknowledge that mother love comes in all forms from all kinds of people. It can end wars - it's that powerful and yet it trickles down to doing those mundane tasks of everyday. Yes, something that can end an international conflict can also be found in the picking up of the laundry, the grocery shopping, the patient response to an oh-so-irritating moment. People who mother are amazing!

Happy Mothering Day to you! Peace and love as well. xo

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