Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature in the City

Look who popped in on us yesterday.
The smaller birds went crazy - chirping all over the place and sitting closer than I ever would. I love this photo because it actually shows three yards - my neighbor's garage (below the bird), the circus tent thing is yard 2 and the house behind is yard 3. City living!
We were so careful for the first 20 minutes or so, being so quiet, not letting the dogs outside, calling neighbors to tell them to come see. Then we realized this bird could care less about us and what we were doing.
 Then he up and flew...
...to the back of our carriage house. (See the small bird again just lingering a bit too closely?) I met a new neighbor out in the alley because of this bird - love that.

 Then up again...
 ...to the top of our carriage house. And there he sat for a very long time - close to an hour.
He was large and in charge man. There was not a squirrel to be found anywhere - how can I get this bird to come back daily and protect my garden?
I could not believe all the birds hovering around and chirping (squawking really). They almost sounded hysterical.
 And then they began playing chicken almost, trying to fly by his head and see who could get the closest.
I was thinking about the book Big Al. And bullying - who was the bully here? The big bird or the teasers?
And finally, after more than an hour, dinner not made, my arms tired from trying to hold my little point-and-shoot as still as possible, he fluffed up...
 ...and was gone.
Fascinating. I found it fascinating. xo


curlygirlpress said...

He? She? almost looks like a baby hawk, maybe not full-grown? I've seen the little birds dive bomb them in my neck of the woods, but I've never had one that close. Lucky you!

corinnegroark[at]gmail[dot]com said...

Hi Leigh!!!!! I haven't identified him/her yet either - saving this for a summer challenge for my kids!