Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[GARO11] May 23

Welcome to The Great Artroom Overhaul of 2011!
Well, the bossy bossy delegating continues over here. My lovely husband painted the ceiling - it looks so much better. Crisper. Cleaner. 

Hopefully the electrician will finish up today. I'm going to see a flokati rug that I saw on craigslist. Does anyone out there have experience with these? Am I just an idiot to have three kids and two dogs with a fuzzy, white rug? We'll see.

Can you see above how angled my walls are up here? That's where my grey paint concerns come in, but I'm going for it as I said yesterday. 

I think Jenny posted the greatest Ikea hack ever yesterday. Ever. I already took her ceiling fan advice for this space, but if she had posted this lighting idea earlier, I definitely would have tried it! xo

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