Monday, May 2, 2011

[GARO11] May 2nd

Welcome to The Great Art Room Overhaul of 2011!!

I have given myself the whole month of May to really clean out my art room and then repurpose it into a classroom and studio space. And I've decided to chronicle it in my blog being very honest about the process, the cost, the successes, my laziness (ahem), etc. So here is how it's going to work - whenever I work on this goal (deadline first week of June) I will take at least one before and one after photo.  Sometimes there will be text/banter/resource sharing/babbling and sometimes it will just be photos. Photos will be posted same day. Hope you'll check in on my progress!

Day 1:
I don't believe this, but these photos don't actually capture how horrifically messed up my art room was this morning. It was post show and I banished my kids from going up there for three days because of loose needles on the floor, glasses strewn about that could spill on something I was making, etc. Ridiculous.

So the goal for today was to just get to a starting point for clearing things out. Today wasn't hard because everything that was out gets used and has a place - a place I know about. But now I'm trying to create a space that students/guests can navigate. Today was a good day - I ate a baked potato with a side of potato chips for lunch, but that was really my only set back. Ready for tomorrow!

Summary: 4 hours of cleaning.
Up next: going through paper and donating excess supplies, etc.
Money Spent: zero

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