Monday, May 23, 2011

[GARO11] May 22

Welcome to The Great Art Room Overhaul of 2011!

I'm working - or rather, I'm coordinating other people working over here. The electrician is mid-job and while it's very dark and very dusty up here at the moment, we are thrilled with how things are shaping up.  Everything is covered in plastic and while I can stop working to a degree - I still have a few deadlines that need to be met.
So I'm working on the floor - luckily, this work is mock-up work, otherwise I would be concerned about all the dust. Sheesh - tons of dust. I also had a friend here all day on Thursday and we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, sorted, sorted, sorted, and then cleaned some more.
And I've made peace with my paint color. I want grey - I know I do, but I'm going for cozy-industrial (is there such a thing?) not cold-industrial, so the contrast shown below threw me off for a bit (that's one color - looking almost white on the brown, and very dark on the white. You can see in the photo above how very angled my walls are, so I want to avoid making the space feel cave like. That same wall above will not have the mirror, but we'll paint that wall last and if necessary, paint it a bright bright color.
Have you seen Anna Maria's new studio. It is amazing!!! White is very tempting - I read all the time about how "real" artists always have white walls in their studios so their colors are true in their work. Alas, can't do it.

More soon. Hope you have wonderful weeks! xo

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