Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[GARO11] May 3

Welcome to the Great Art Room Overhaul of 2011!

Day 2:
What I'm learning today is that many many many baby steps are in order as I convert this space, and I can't lose my momentum. In these shelves alone, I unearthed so many jars (love jars) that need cleaning and probably donating, unfinished jewelry projects, list after list and random art supplies that had no "official" place where they belonged.

Most everything has a place now, although a few things were tucked into my closet (display items - I've used them three times since October but I need them - what to do with that kind of stuff?).

It's a gorgeous sunny day here today, so you'll notice that the lighting up here is a bit wonky/not ideal. Must problem solve about that too without spending too much to fix. Also, I'm guessing these shelves are on their way to Joey's room, but if not, something needs some paint up here, too many wood surfaces in the same color. Bleh.

Summary: 90 minutes of cleaning (not counting jar washing and trip to Goodwill.) I have a long way to go, and I need to have some space up here just for me - not for classes, kids' projects, collage parties.
Up Next: My flat files - ugh. (I shouldn't be dreading just my third day, should I?)
Money Spent: Zero

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